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4 April 2015

senza x lunch

Oh oh oh, look at my baby girl. She broke her paw a few weeks ago when I was visiting one of my girls. I was crying like a baby when we were at the vet, hoping it was not broken butĀ unfortunately it was. She is such a little monster, her body is to tiny for her personality. I have to go to the vet every 5 days to have a check. She doesn’t think there’s something wrong because she is just running and jumping around like crazy, so it’s very hard to keep her calm! The left picture is from Wednesday, I’m trying to eat really healthy at the moment because before you know, it’s already summer and we have to push our body’s into little bikini’s.. But of course, it’s easter tomorrow so it will be hard to stick to the healthy food. So I will just eat 1 pancake? or uhm maybe 3? ..




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