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Ultimate stretching – Split in the air

8 March 2014

I call this ultimate stretching – split in the air because this is for me the way to put my flexibility to a higher level! I really love to stretch, today was legday and I pushed myself to the limit! My legs were shaking after the exercises so it was really important to stretch those legs at the end of the workout. I was a gymnast for like 9 years and because of that I’m still very flexible and lithe.

When it comes to stretching there are very few who understand the importance of keeping their muscles healthy. Especially men will skip the stretching! But it’s really important to stretch before and after your workout for a lot of reasons also for men! It will increases blood and nutrient supply to the muscles, a benefit of this is reducing of muscle soreness. So you have to eat less eggs 😉 It assists in correct posture by lengthening the muscles that are very tight that pull areas of the body away from their intended position. That will result in a lot of aches and pain. Stretching will also increase the range of motion. So keep your muscles and body healthy with a lot of stretching! Btw, it can also calm your mind if you had a bad day, if that is not working you can always try a delicious chocolate caramel shake it will definitely make you smile 🙂 So stretching has only got benefits, so do it!!

Good luck with stretching guys, don’t forget!




  1. Anonymous

    11 March 2014 at 10:42 AM Reply

    I will never be able to do that! I can’t even touch my toes!!

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