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Warm raspberry yogurt with granola

Sometimes I’m going to bed early because I can eat this recipe sooner haha! I think it’s really delicious. If I’m on the road I make this recipe also but I won’t heat the raspberries…
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I am in love with these brownies! Chocolate is a girls best friend right?! I made these brownies last week and it was a recipe for 8 portions I guess. But we ate it all, we…
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Spinach Couscous Salad

If I want to lose some weight I normally reduce the amount of carbs in my meals. This spinach couscous salad is delicious, very healthy and has a very low- carbohydrate content. If you are…
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egg, muffins, muffin, eggs, recipe, recipes, protein, fitness

Egg muffins

I really love eggs, they’re delicious, healthy and very easy to make. There are more than 365 ways of cooking eggs and the egg muffin is one of them! It’s really easy to make, it…
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tzatziki, sauce, recipe, food, healthy, yoghurt, greek, food

Tzatziki sauce

One of the most healthy and delicious sauces I think, tzatziki sauce! The basic of this sauce is greek yoghurt instead of mayonnaise. It got a really fresh and spicy taste and you can combine…
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Low calorie chicken wrap

Do you also love chicken and salad? You will definitely like this recipe then! This low calorie chicken recipe is really easy to make and fits in almost every diet. I eat this as lunch.…
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