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Chicken Salad

Sometimes I really don’t want to eat more baked/cooked eggs or plain chicken to get enough protein. I’m always trying to find new recipes to have a very varied diet. Especially because I don’t like…
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Warm raspberry yogurt with granola

Sometimes I’m going to bed early because I can eat this recipe sooner haha! I think it’s really delicious. If I’m on the road I make this recipe also but I won’t heat the raspberries…
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Spinach Couscous Salad

If I want to lose some weight I normally reduce the amount of carbs in my meals. This spinach couscous salad is delicious, very healthy and has a very low- carbohydrate content. If you are…
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Egg muffins

I really love eggs, they’re delicious, healthy and very easy to make. There are more than 365 ways of cooking eggs and the egg muffin is one of them! It’s really easy to make, it…
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Protein strawberry yogurt with fresh fruit

This protein strawberry yogurt with fresh fruit is my favorite breakfast! I always eat dairy products in the morning because it consists a lot of calcium. Calcium accelerates weight loss by breaking down the fat from fat…
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Protein Chocolate Caramel Shake

The most of you, including myself will drink a protein shake after your workout. But I think it’s really disgusting to mix your protein powder with a cup of water. It just tastes incredibly chemically…
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