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Chicken Salad

Sometimes I really don’t want to eat more baked/cooked eggs or plain chicken to get enough protein. I’m always trying to find new recipes to have a very varied diet. Especially because I don’t like…
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Warm raspberry yogurt with granola

Sometimes I’m going to bed early because I can eat this recipe sooner haha! I think it’s really delicious. If I’m on the road I make this recipe also but I won’t heat the raspberries…
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Good Morning

Good morning readers, I hope you all have a great start of the weekend! I just had breakfast and I will go the gym when I’m done writing. It’s going to be very hot today…
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Ass Up!

  Today it’s the first day in 2 weeks of working out! I know, very very very bad.. But I think it wasn’t such a bad idea after all because my shoulder is not painful…
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Wake up and Workout

Summer is almost there and you don’t have any time to make up excuses if you want that bombshell body! You just have to train like a beast if you want to look like an…
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Personal Record Bench Press

Yes I did it! Tuesday I did my chest and triceps and I did break my bench press record. I could maintain 4 sets of 12 reps, felt like superwoman 😉 I must say, after…
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