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I am so in love with this big ass earcuff! I was looking for such a big one for ages, but I finally found one on the internet and had to import it. If you…
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On Earth

Earrings and knuckle rings H&M // Trousers/fake fur jacket/heels Primark // Watch Oozoo// Blouse Vintage With both heels on earth, together with my little buddy Vinny! Vinny is my best friends doggie, she also made…
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Sporty Fur

Fake fur gilet Primark // Watch Oozoo // H&M knuckle rings // Clutch Primark // Leather jacket Zara Nike Air Max 1 Mortar Sail Silver I really love this sporty fur outfit because it’s so…
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Today’s Jewelry

Vintage bracelets // H&M knuckle rings I’ve got a lot of jewelry from my grandmother, she was a wonderful person and did love fashion, just like me! It’s in the genes I think. Unfortunately she…
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