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Switch exercise routine

20 February 2014

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exercise, belly, flat toned, fitness, protein

Today is my last training of my training schedule. Every 6 weeks I switch to a different schedule because the human body is to smart to handle. No matter what kind of training we do, it adapts very quickly. Once your body adapts to your current routine it will see no need to lose weight or keep growing.

Each muscle group has a variety of different exercises that can be used to train it. So switch your exercise routine in a few weeks. And don’t cut out the exercise you don’t like! Put one you like and one you don’t like but you have to do it. There’s probably a reason that you don’t like the exercise, maybe your muscles are to weak to handle it, so build it! For example, I hate burpees because I feel like I’m dying but I won’t skip them because for me it’s a high intensity exercise. And after all, if you did the “hated” exercise, you would never regret it.

In the last six weeks I did lose weight, made my muscles stronger and I look much better then before. My belly is almost flat but I wanna get more toned. I did not lose weight only because I train, it’s the combination of training and eating. This weekend I’m gonna make a new training schedule for the upcoming weeks. Do you already switch exercise routine?



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