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26 January 2015

senza front

senza full 570 px

I don’t know if you already know I love animals, well now you do! I love, almost every kind of animal. I grew up with a lot of animals, horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens, ducks, fish, birds, guinnea pigs and more! I moved to the city almost 3 years ago and I really miss the animals. I’m not used to an empty house when I come home from work.

her name is senzaI already knew since the start that I wanted a little dog, a little mate and here she is! Her name is Senza and she is a pomeranian sweetheart. She is almost 9 weeks old and she’s very tough! I have been surfing on the internet for ages to find a healthy pomeranian dog because it’s not very simple. So pay attention when you want to buy one. There are a lot of cruel people who are selling unhealthy dogs that are transported from the east of europe. so in loveI am so in love with her, although she is very naughty! She is really really small, I can’t even find a small harness for her! I’m looking for a dark leather stylish harness so If you know something, please tell me. You will definitely see more pictures of Senza in the future, because she’s gorgeous isn’t she? Do you also have a dog?



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