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Tuesday, 7th April, 2020











Bomber Jacket Bershka  //  Turtleneck dress New Yorker  //  Shoes Adidas Superstar  //  Bracelet Michael Kors

I was really under the assumption last weekend that spring has begun! The sun was shining and also warm, so It was a great day to wear a long dress I thought. Well no, I will keep it in the closet for the next weeks. It was really cold! But I like this combination so it was time to shoot some pics. I already bought this bomber jacket a few months ago but it was already to cold when I came home back from Thailand. And look at this beautiful bracelet from Michael Kors! I got it from my best girlfriend ever for my birthday! I can’t get my eyes of it <3

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I’m not that color blocking sweet girl that’s smiling all day. I love to create and style outfits like above. These real colors of nature inspire me the most. Oversized sweaters, ripped jeans combined with a pair of high heels and some eye-catching accessories. Please send me every piece!

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Yay, it’s friday! Last day of work and tomorrow is going to be as great as last one. Cuddling in the morning, with this cute little maniac. She loves it, although it doesn’t look that way haha..

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levis’ 711 skinny jeans  //  criss cross top nelly  //  trenchcoat primark  //  bracelet michael kors  //  shoes supertrash

This criss cross top is already for a while one of my favorites but haven’t shoot with it yet, so here it is! I adore this top because of it’s mysteriousness, he has long sleeves in combination with a criss cross see-through part. I really like to wear it with an elegant thin trenchoat when it’s a bit warmer, and a great skinny jeans like this one from Levi’s. And did you notice that I dyed my hair? Yes, I did it! It was really scary but I’m happy with it.

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Get that monochrome look! Wearing one color wasn’t always aloud in fashion, but you can wear it or tear it. These outfits above are just fabulous, the trick is to match different kind of fabrics in one outfit. Wear suede with cotton and knitted fabrics and you can create an amazing look. I really love this kind of looks, it looks simple but it’s harder then matching a jeans with a white tee. So try an all black or all white look for the difference.

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Good morning, I woke up with the most warming sunlight I could have during winter. Time for a cup of tea and then it’s time to go to work again. I really love to have this blog but it’s so hard to combine it with my other work. Shooting outfits is almost impossible during these days because it’s already dark when I come home. So sad because I have some great new items. I really want to do so much more but I think I have to make a choice then. And some choices are hard to make, but I think that’s part of life we all have to deal with. Because you’ve never know if it’s the right decision..

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