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On Earth

5 March 2014

fashion, fur, diva, black, leather, dog, accessories, rings, knuckle, blouse, chiffon


fake fur jacket with blouse

high heels

Fake fur jacket with a blouse

chic earrings

Earrings and knuckle rings H&M // Trousers/fake fur jacket/heels Primark // Watch Oozoo// Blouse Vintage

With both heels on earth, together with my little buddy Vinny! Vinny is my best friends doggie, she also made this pictures. Everytime if I’m wearing this short fake fur jacket I feel a bit like a diva! Just like the women in the old movies. I love to match gold with brown and black, I think it’s a beautiful combination. What do you think?

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fur jacket

blouse jeanswatch










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  1. Alex

    11 March 2014 at 7:06 PM Reply

    So. uhm… Where can I buy the dog?

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