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Next trip: Thailand

28 July 2015

Thailand travel guideI really, really love to travel! Like you know, I just got back from Spain but the weather in The Netherlands is just dramatic. It’s only raining and not warmer then 19 degrees. So I long for warm weather, salt in my hair, sun on my skin and my feet in the ocean. That’s what I call the ultimate feeling of freedom. Stop thinking and just enjoy the beauty of life. That’s really my dream, to travel as much and also to capture those most beautiful moments in my life. I think I will get that feeling if I’m going to Thailand at the end of the year. It’s such a magical country with the most beautiful beaches, nice food and great weather. I’m going away at the end of October because that’s the best time of year to go to Thailand. At first I only wanted to book a 5 star hotel for 3 weeks, but then I realised it would be a shame if I stay in one place when there is so much more to experience. So I canceled that and I have a new plan! We will start in Bangkok because it’s one of the world’s great shopping cities, and well me as a fashion lover I really have to check it out. After that we will go with a night train to Chiang Mai to experience the famous Loy Krathong festival of lights. Then I really need to see some beaches so we’re off to the island Koh Samui. This is one of the most tropical islands with a lot of waterfalls and beautiful beaches. But it’s a bit more crowded then we want to spend our last 10 days, so we will fly to Phuket and from there we travel to Khao Lak where it is very quiet and romantic. I really can’t wait to go there! If you already been to Thailand, maybe you can tell me if I made the right decision or what I really have to visit while I’m there!




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