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Don’t waste your day, you can’t repeat it!

20 March 2014

Camilla Sylvie

Camilla Sylvie

I really love this day, I woke up very happy! I made this tzatziki recipe again because we are going to eat some chicken kebab tonight on a healthy way! Because we moved a few months ago to our new home, my closet is still not the way I want. Actually it is just to small for all my clothes so I have to find a solution for it.. Any ideas guys? When I was going through all the clothing boxes I found this summer hat, I think it’s so cute. Especially for the sunny spring days like today! Well I’m going to eat my lunch and I will get my drivers license at the Town Hall because my purse was stolen a few weeks ago 🙁 Have a great day, much love! xoxo



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