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21 January 2016


I don’t dye my hair very often because I’m so scared for the hairdresser! One year ago I was going to a salon that’s was specializing in long hair. They even provided hair extensions so I thought I was at a good place. But that hairdresser completely ruined my hair, it was divided in two parts. The most of my hair was cut like a lob and the rest was just hanging there, it was awful! I’ve been crying for days. But now, a year later my hair is long again so no hairdresser for me for a while. But I really like to try things so I want to experiment with colors. I’m naturally blond, a bit ash on the roots and lighter on the bottom. So I want to darken my roots to create this kind of style as above. I’m f*cking in love with these kind of shades and it’s still proper enough to go to work. What do you think, should I do it?!



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