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Flash it

I love these flash tattoos, they are so easy to apply and they look just amazing! You can wear them during a festival, on a night out or just whenever you want to. We have…
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It’s Easter! Did you already eat to much eggs? Or just to much chocolate?! I think the last 😉 I did my nails with the new gel polish from Essence. I really love this new…
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The Lips

Good morning!  I did get a few questions about how I do my lips. I’d just discovered the lipliner a few weeks ago and I really love it! I don’t have very small lips but…
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Chanel coco mademoiselle

I had this chanel coco mademoiselle perfume already a few months but I didn’t open it because my other bottles were also open and I don’t want the others getting old and nasty. But one…
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M.A.C Blush

Finally I bought a new blush! I really needed a new one because my last was broken into a thousand pieces.. This time I’ve chosen for M.A.C because the quality is just amazing. This is…
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