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Care Less Be Yourself

4 January 2015

collage 2015 goalsFirst of all I wanna wish you all such a happy new year!! I hope you had an amazing night with friends and family. I had a blast! These are 2 pictures of the day after, I still feel blessed with all the love of my family and friends. I hope this year is going to be great. Almost everybody has goals for this year and so do I.

why am I doing this

I found this article on the internet and I felt that it was directed to me. I started a youtube channel 2 years ago because I really like make-up and my friends were asking about it. So I thought, let’s make some tutorials! It went actually very great but one thing is for sure, people can be so mean. I never thought people can be so mean to someone they don’t even know. Maybe I’m just very emotional, but I couldn’t stand those cruel reactions. In my case there were so many positive reactions but when I get one hate reaction, my self esteem dropped to zero. I did just became very sad and was asking myself, why am I doing this? So I stopped with the tutorials..

No matter what, they will judge you

But now 2 years later I learned that people will always judge you. No matter what you do, how you look like or how you talk, they will judge you. So I’m going tot live my life the way I want to from now on. I really think that I didn’t achieve my goals because I was still worrying about what other people think. I didn’t take any risks because of that and that’s really not me! So this will be my year. I’m just going to do what I want to, no matter what!

Do you also have some goals that you want to reach in 2015?





  1. Frederique

    6 January 2015 at 1:36 PM Reply

    Happy NY girl!
    xx Frederique

    1. CamillaSylvie

      7 January 2015 at 7:26 PM Reply

      U2! X

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