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Blank Training Schedule

4 March 2014

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I already told you how important it is to switch your exercise routine! I did switch my routine a week ago but when I made my new schedule I needed a blank training schedule. I searched the internet for like forever, to find a blank training schedule that I can fill in myself. Not found! So I made one myself and share it with you because it’s really useful if you normally make your own training schedules. A lot of you guys use the standard programs from the gym, that’s also ok if it works for you!

This kind of training schedule is for a 6 week training if you train a single muscle group a week. I made one page for each different exercise because now you can see immediately what you did the week before and if there’s progress. I do 5 sets in total including 1 warming-up. I printed this schedules 18 times because I have 3 exercises for breast, biceps, triceps, back, legs and shoulders. Maybe you think, why don’t you have exercises for abs? That’s because I do my abs every time I go to the gym and I don’t need weights for it. I will see my abs result in the mirror 😉

You can download the blank training schedule template on the link below. Let me know if you think it’s useful! Good luck.

training schedule (369 downloads)


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